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Why the windows of the Cybertruck were a disaster

When Tesla CEO Elon Musk presented his new Cybertruck last Friday to remind you that something went terribly wrong or, in an unexpected way: the windows of the pickup They crashed. In any other case the presentation would not have been a complete fiasco, but it was since minutes before Musk himself had ensured that the Cybertruck was bulletproof. And apparently the truck is bulletproof, only maybe it exceeded its limits.

As they say, there is no bad publicity. The whole weekend the Cybertruck was a meme. But as soon as he could, Musk came out to explain the reason why Cybertruck could have let him down during his presentation. According to Musk, the live test went awry because just before Tesla's chief designer, Franz Von Holzhausen, threw the metal ball and made the glass peaks, knock the door with a mallet causing the impact to break the base of the glass, and preventing the impact with the ball from bouncing, explained on Twitter.

As Musk demonstrated in a video recorded before the presentation, in which Von Holzhausen himself tried to break the window and the test went well. Here is the video:

While the good Musk may be right about why the Cybertruck bulletproof test may have failed, it also means that the truck is not completely resistant to the combination of impacts. Either way, Musk gave a lot to talk about the weekend and Now we just have to wait for the truck to meet all its specifications in the future.

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