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Why brands should consider this social network?


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TikTok already exceeds 500 million active users.

One of the advantages that the platform has is the presence of nano influencers.

Lee: Brands start looking seriously at Tik Tok

TikTok has become a platform that has taken many by surprise, however its popularity is already undeniable, currently, according to the South China Morning Post has more than 500 million active users worldwide and the expectation is that it will continue to grow . Because of this, it is important that brands consider this social platform more seriously. If yours still does not, here are some interesting reasons to do so.

According to Dan Seavers, Talkwalker contributor, it is important that brands begin to pay attention to the TikTok platform for the following 5 reasons:

According to the expert, the way in which audiences consume social networks has changed, it has become an activity that is less about what people do as individuals and more about what they can do as a community.

With the above in mind, actions such as sharing ideas, starting conversations with people who think similarly and building community projects are aspects that now matter, so it is not surprising that large platforms, such as Facebook, have already contemplated this, presenting a greater focus on groups as part of their strategies. In the case of the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg, it is known that it already has at least 400 million members of groups worldwide.

In the case of TikTok, although there are no groups as such, it is possible to see that sense of community as the engine that drives the social network. Much of the content is guided by trends, with people responding creatively to the videos that other users publish. One of the functions that clearly shows this is duets, with which users can add responses (videos) to others to create real collaborations.

This aspect of TikTok is providing the identification that users are looking for, while avoiding the potential toxicity on other platforms, so the platform cannot be ruled out.

In TikTok a large part of the users are members of Generation Z, and one of the aspects that these individuals do not like is advertising as such. According to the source, 51 percent of them use adblockers when browsing the internet. This implies that traditional advertising strategies in social networks and search engines is not as effective as it is usually with members of other generations.

Therefore, maracas and companies need to be less invasive, and for this it is necessary to regain the sense of community mentioned in the previous point. Users of the smartest social platforms are willing to interact with brands at their level. This implies that when you create brand stories that incorporate the community, you will have a winning strategy for the platform.

As the source refers, TikTok is an ideal platform for these brand stories that add up to consumers. Here brands are building their channels through content suitable for the TikTok community and this is bringing results, for example, the NFL began its actions on the platform just a couple of months ago (September) and already has more than Half a million fans.

  • User generated content

According to the expert, user-generated content or UGC, being an important trend because it has to do with another key trend for the future, authenticity. According to the aforementioned data, 90 percent of Millennials believe that authenticity is an important aspect for them when it comes to choosing the brands they will support.

As an alternative factor to take into account, due to the increase in fake news, the confidence that consumers have in social networks has declined in recent years, although different social platforms have taken actions to combat this problem, TikTok highlights with an advantage because it is a relatively new platform, thereby driving authentic content as part of its design.

TikTok is focused on user-generated content, which is the most authentic content available today, brands on the platform do not need to rely so much on a marketing strategy, they must focus on consumers who defend or support the brand , these people are the ones who want to talk about it because they love it.