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WhatsApp has a new function when packing several people

WhatsApp is possibly the application we use the most to send content to our friends, at least in Spain. This makes any interesting text, photo or article go through the share menu of our mobile and ends in this application.

And it is that movement that has been improved with the latest update of the Android mobile application, which has incorporated content preview before sending it to multiple recipients.

Preview of texts and links

This new screen appears when we are sending something from outside the application to several people at once. If we are in Chrome for example and click on the option to share a website we can select WhatsApp and just after clicking on the green icon we have to choose the recipients.

If we choose more than one, a new screen will appear as you see in the image above in which the text to be shared is shown, as well as the preview of the link that we are sent. There we can modify the text, add emoticons easily and verify that the recipients are the ones we want. It doesn't work that way if what we share is a video or an image since it takes us to the editing interface.

When we click on the date of sending our contacts they will receive the same message.

This only works with shipments through the Android sharing option and not if what we do is select a message and forward it within the WhatsApp application.

At the moment it is a function that has been activated in the beta version of the application, specifically in which it has as compilation number 2.18.366. If you have not downloaded it, you can do so by registering in the test program of the Paly Store or by downloading the APK directly from this link.