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what you can find in the Minecraft Earth touch objects

Minecraft Earth's Touchable Object Guide

Minecraft Earth is the augmented reality game of the moment. However, its global availability through Google Play an is limited, although you can get the apk from ac.

Minecraft Earth is going to build different buildings, alone or with friends, in addition to collecting elements that allow you to make these constructions. The last thing is done through the touchable objects.

The playable they are objects that you can find while you travel the map, and interact with them that way, touching them. Usually, everything that appears in the game is playable, so finding these objects is not complicated.

If you find one, you must press it several times to reveal what is inside. The content of these objects can be varied, and we will not know the content until we interact with them, turning them into real boxes of surprises. It is so varied that, on some occasions, you can even get some free rubies.

Since there are so many, it is necessary to have on hand a guide that refreshes the types of toilets that exist, and the content of these. And that is precisely what we bring.

Types of toilets available in Minecraft Earth

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Among the list of items and items that you can get in these objects you will find many similar ones with those of the normal version of Minecraft, so expect few surprises at the moment. However, it becomes interesting to meet them:

  • Lawn: lawn-type toilets will grant you soil and different plants, such as grass, flowers and weeds of different types.
  • Stone: These touchable objects will give you from granite, through andesite, to normal cobblestone. You can also get sand and red stone by interacting with them.
  • Water: This guy shares some elements with lawn touchables, but the difference is that you can get lilies and water, if you have a bucket.
  • trees: Thanks to the Minecraft biome mode, which is also available in Earth, you can get wood logs, but sometimes you will also receive young trees, which will vary depending on the area you visit.
  • Chests: These are boxes with which we can interact without any problem, and that usually contains useful elements and blocks to build in the game.
  • Mobs: the last type of playable object currently available in the game. It is the one that allows you to get all Minecraft classic products, such as pigs, chickens, sheep and cows.

The rarity of an object, to take into account

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Just as there are playable objects of different types in Minecraft Earth, it must also be said that the items, blocks and mobs have variable rarity. This quality is what determines how likely it is that you get certain things in the game, some being easier to achieve than others.

The way to know what the rarity of some article is is that you go to your backpack and check what color is the frame surrounding the article. The colors that define the rarity of an article are, from greater to lesser rarity: purple, blue, green and white.

I hope you enjoyed this little Touchable guide for Minecraft Earth. If you want any other specific, go through the comments and tell us What would you like to read?

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