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What should your brand do when Instagram hides the likes?

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Instagram has more than one billion active users on a monthly basis.

The likes will disappear for the audience, but the account owners will still be able to see them.

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As you may have already read on our site, Instagram tests to hide likes in publications continue to advance, they have already arrived in the United States, their largest market, and even some users in Mexico have reported that they can no longer see them .

The actions reported reveal a future scenario in which it could be definitive that the likes of Instagram publications that generate the more than one billion active users cannot be observed, and before that it will be necessary for brands, companies and even influencers get ready But what can they do?

According to recommendations shared by the Content Marketing Institute, these are some actions that have to be considered in the future with Instagram:

  • Don't lose sight of them at all

The measure that Instagram is implementing only implies that the public will not be able to see the number of reproductions or likes that a publication receives, however, this data will remain available for the owners of Instagram accounts, so they should not be lose sight of everything.

Brands, companies and Influencers can still use this data to evaluate each of their publications and compare with each other. It is still possible to know which publications generate a better impact with the audience, what are the most popular topics with which you can work and even the most suitable ones, that is, photos or videos.

The knowledge about likes will be of great help to create new content that people will like even if they can no longer see this aspect reflected numerically through these interactions.

  • Stop using likes as a key metric

While in the future it is possible that Instagram likes are still useful with aspects such as mentioned in the previous point, that is, to be analyzed to create more relevant content, it is recommended that in the future this is not a key performance metric .

Likes help identify popularity and can be key to reflect brand awareness, but until they finish their contributions, they cannot do much for the content marketing program of the brand or company.

With the above in mind, brands should be given the task of choosing metrics that contribute to achieving the goals of content marketing, for example, comments, shares or traffic can be chosen, which will serve for aspects such as assessing quality of content and understand what motivates people to talk, to know how much people trust in the content and the references that are being obtained from this social network towards spaces such as a website.

  • Consider the new social validation metrics that will be imposed

Continuing with the previous point and because the likes cease to be so important, brands must be aware of the social validation metrics that gain relevance on Instagram.

It is expected that people migrate organically to other methods to recognize the contents now that they will not have as a reference the number of likes. Other data, such as the number of comments and shares may take the place of likes. However, we must not get ahead and assume that these metrics mean that the contents work better. Brands will have to fight their expectations and goals for what is imposed as the main indicator of success.

  • Ask the audience for time

As the source shares it, it is to be expected that Instagram consent will eventually learn that likes are not everything when it comes to identifying popularity and a publication and start showing their likes starting or reacting with some emoji, or sharing the content.