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Track 8 Player for iPad Updates on the App Store

Track 8 Player for iPad Updates on the App Store

The AppTrack 8for iPad has just received an update in the App Store that fixes the error that closed the application with iOS 5.0.1 and 5.1.1 installed. The visual interface of Track 8 is excellent and the customization possibilities it has will make you enjoy safe. You dare?

Track 8 iPad

We agree that the music player interface of the iPad is not the best they have, but you can install an Application likeTrack 8, your problem is over. A very simple application that allows us to explore the music library that we have already synchronized.

The level of customization is ideal, you can change between different text and ambient colors. You can also choose a photo as a back background while listening to the theme, or that the application itself looks for images of the artist through and reproduces them in the background.

Also Track 8 Save your settings for albums, artists and playlists. Too bad, you can't create playlists within this iPad App. What you can do is search inside your library for quick access.

Here is the Track 8 video for iPad:

Track 8 it's awesome, it reminds us completely of Microsoft with your player Windows Phone. But it must be said that chap !, the option to visualize images of the artist or group that is playing is very good. Leave the default iPad player quite late. Only one but, it is in English.