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Throw knives like a pro in the fun Flippy Knife

When you think you have seen everything in terms of proposals for mobile games on mobile phones there is a study that launches, and never better, a game that attracts attention.

This time it is Flippy Knife, a game that combines the graphics in 8 bits that are seen lately in several releases and the devilish difficulty of Flappy Bird, that viral in the form of an application that made us want to stamp the mobile against the ground.

Although the idea is basic, throwing a knife and getting it stuck on some surface, the approach has several branches.

Flippy Knife

Various game modes and knives available

We can play throwing the knife up to get it to fall into the correct position, having previously made one or more turns in the air. If we prefer we can play in the arcade mode, which is the one that proposes us to advance horizontally while we send the knife from platform to platform. In both options the difficulty is very high, almost as much as if we try to do the same in real life.

We have to take into account the orientation and inclination launching as well as the force We apply to it.

Flippy Knife

Although we will start with a knife Normal we can get different ones since there are dozens of options available, some free, others in exchange for seeing ads and others paying with the coins that we will get in the game.

The setting It also changes, from locations in the forest to cabins with objects related to hunting such as shotguns or binoculars.

The game is free and has advertising and purchases within the application, as we could expect. Of course, we are not responsible for the frustrations that can cause not nailing more than a knife well between 46 pitches.