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This is the Amazon tablet: Kindle Fire, the evolution of information consumption

Amazon has just fulfilled the forecasts and wishes that had come around it during the last months, to make a tablet made by them a reality, an evolution of its Kindle, now converted into a tablet, the Kindle Fire, devouring and consuming media, leisure, multimedia and any informative contentor that I get to her.

Amazon's concept of tablets is clear and precise, much more than that of any other major manufacturer against which it will compete. The ipad fights for leisure in general, is the flagship product of the tablets, but it is not defined and remains as a multi-purpose gadget, as well as Android tablets of the big brands, all at a similar price, with their virtues and defects , both ipad and android.

Amazon has a huge sales and distribution potential, knows how to offer the customer the best prices, send it easy and deliver a total service package and that is the bet of KIndle Fire: Super competitive price, pack of consumer services adapted to the tablet, micro ecosystem of apps with its Amazon app store of Android apps and a manageable tablet without large frills, an emerging market niche that needs the confidence of a manufacturer like Amazon to give the leap to the post-pc era.

Operating System (Android in disguise)

It is Android, but it is not Android. In Amazon they have decided to catch Android 2.3 Gingerbread and modify it, similar to what they did with the Grid10 of Fusion Garage. This version of Android looks great, and basically what they have done is modify it to suit Amazon services, since that's what we are talking about, the Amazon tablet. We have to remember that what they are looking for with this tablet is to sell their services, we don't have to think of it as a normal tablet.

Maybe all this limits it a bit, and the fact not having access to Android Market is a full-fledged handicap, but at least there will be access to Amazon App Store for Android, that much more limited something gives us. The idea of ??this tablet is to sell, popularize and extend the services of Kindle Store (ebook store), Instant Video streaming (of this we talk now more calmly, that is the chicha), MP3 Store (music store) and Cloud Storage (free online storage included.

The Kindle Fire will have its own browser called Amazon Silk, based on EC2 and promising them ultra speed

In addition, along with the Amazon tablet, a newspaper and magazine reading service, much to expect, since it is basic for a tablet. Of course, this service goes hand in hand with Amazon and continues within its empire, so at no time do we leave its world. One of the most striking things is the WhisperSync, which basically is to be able to play the same movie on our tablet and on the TV, being able to alternate at the same point of reproduction in one and the other.

Another important section is the updates, which not being Android will depend entirely on Amazon, and have ensured that they will worry about it but, how many times and how many manufacturers have we heard this without compliance? It is Amazon's first tablet, and there is no way to know if they will meet here or not, so we just have to wait and see.

In short, an Android-based Operating System with two things that stand out, the Ease of use of its user interface, focused on simplicity and multimedia, and the total integration of all Amazon services as the core of its operation.


We can think of this tablet as a modification, partly evolution and partly simplification, of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 ?. We did not find some super tablet features here, since it only has a 1 GHz dual core OMAP processor and for now we don't know what RAM it will take, although we assume that 1GB. In the demo we have been able to see how their fluidity and speed were absolutely amazing, as we have rarely seen, of course the work of soft + hard integration is excellent and conscientious.

What you will not like much is that only there is a model with WiFi, and there will not be a version with 3G, which really limits its possibilities, since the function of a tablet to surf the Internet, read news and find content with a data connection is essential for those who want to acquire one.

It will have a 7 ? screen, LCD, touch, gorilla glass, 169 pixels / inch, 16M colors and with 1024 x 600 pixels multitouch resolution, as well as 8GB internal storage, not too large. All features are designed based on what this tablet is needed for and is oriented, remember that we cannot compare it with a top of the range, since streaming and multimedia control are the most important parts of the Amazon Kindle Fire. But highlights the impressive resistance of its materials and how compact it is.

If you are one of those who cares about the size of the Kindle Fire 190 mm x 120 mm x 11.4 mm and weigh 413 g. Battery that holds about 8 hours of continuous video. Micro USB 2.0 connection and 3.5mm audio jack connector,

Price and availability

The most interesting and controversial part of the Amazon tablet is the price. It will reach the market for a price of $ 199 (remember that Amazon can be purchased from Spain to the US store paying shipping and customs and does not come out too expensive, in the Google TV article we explain how) and will bring the service for free Amazon Cloud Storage online storage, which is unlimited for Amazon content.