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<p>Blizzard Entertainment has released a new update of its popular game Hearthstone in order to revitalize and balance its Battlefields.</p>
<p>The Hearthstone update for iPhone and iPad brings us 4 new heroes that will replace previous 4. From now on, players can now use the new cards of the heroes <strong>Sindragosa, Elise Buscaestelar, Brann Barbabronce and Sir Finley Mrrgglton</strong>.</p><div class=

Each hero, of course, has his own abilities and his special power. For example, Sindragosa (WoW) is a fearsome ice dragon whose special power is the invigorating Fro.

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All the news of the Hearthstone update for iPhone and iPad

The Hearthstone Battlefields update includes 4 new heroes, balance changes, bug fixes, stability improvements and point ranking adjustments.

These are the new heroes that come to the popular and addictive card game Hearthstone:


Elise Starseeker


Bran Barbabronce


Sir Finley Mrrgglton


The heroes who leave battlefields

As we mentioned previously, the arrival of these four new heroes implies the departure of another four. The four heroes who will leave the Hearthstone Battlefields on iPhone and iPad are the following:

  • King mukla
  • Aletaza
  • Malfica Storm of Man
  • Great Baz?hial

New Hearthstone point system

Additionally, the classification point system has been modified.

The number of points received by the first classified has been modified. In the original system he obtains 240 points in the first game and 24 points from the 150 game. From now on get 190 points in the first game and 95 points from 150 heading.

Finally, from Blizzard Entertainment they have assured that they have planned to introduce many other changes in future updates of their card game. The next update of Hearthstone Battlefields will include more heroes, new minions, balance balances and improvements to the statistics system. You can now enjoy the renewed Hearthstone on your iPhone and iPad!