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The Penultimate App for iPad is updated with Retina Display support

Penultimate, the iPad Application that allows you to write more used hand from the App Store receives an update to adapt to the screen of theNew iPad. Thanks to this App you can turn your tablet into a notebook, but with all the advantages of a digital system.

Penultimate iPad

The Penultimate App allows three different types of paper: one plain, one striped and one more grid. Although if they are not enough you also have a store to buy more, with different prices. We can also choose several colors of the pen with which we write and different thicknesses.

Everything we write in the app can be saved in different notebooks, shared by email or backed up in iTunes. You can create the notebooks you want, and with an infinite number of pages.

Penultimate It has a very advanced face recognition technology. If you are one of those who need support for writing, do not worry, there will be no unwanted strokes.

There are also two more possibilities to share our notes: one, printing it on paper with a printer compatible with ePrint and another, plugging a VGA or an HDMI cable to our iPad and connecting it to a TV.

Here is the video of Penultimate for iPad:

The truth, after having tried Penultimate, what we like most about this iPad Application, is the way you have to deal with the call electronic ink, with a very accurate recognition of the strength with which we make the stroke. In addition, its price, 0.79.