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The best tablets for children: all alternatives


The best tablets for children: all alternatives

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May 28, 2017

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The tablets They are always a perfect gift for the little ones and a great ally for holidays, car trips and other situations in which we will be happy to have a device at hand where they can enjoy their favorite drawings and games. Which are the best tablets for children what can we buy? What options we have?

The tablets for classic children

The reality is that there is a fairly wide market for children's tablets, with devices created from scratch for this. Logically, this seems like the perfect solution: they are usually resistant devices, easy to handle, with integrated parental controls and with appropriate content already installed.

clan tablet screen

If you want to get rid of complications, therefore, one of these could be the most appropriate alternative. We must bear in mind that there are some designed specifically for children of different ages, and some are quite cheap, although if you decide in this way we recommend that you bet on the highest level, which are the ones that will give us some confidence : the Clan Tablet and the Paquito Mini. There are many more options, however, as you can see in this selection of tablets for children that we did for Christmas, including some that are gaining some popularity lately, such as the Dragon Touch y88x.

Are tablets designed specifically for children worthwhile?

Now, if we have to pronounce on whether or not it is worth buying a specific tablet for children, we have to say that, in our opinion, it is not the case. First of all, the idea that children do not need an especially powerful device to launch equipment with really poor technical specifications is often abused. A child may not need a Quad HD screen, but there is a limit below which apps simply will not work well, and videos will not look smooth.

Secondly, we may be grateful that they give us all the work done and that they avoid having to tune us to parental controls or looking for applications and games, but we must bear in mind that they also usually come with huge limitations that they will not allow us to leave just what they give us. The most notable is that they do not usually give us access to Google Play and without it, we lose the option to download the content we want.

A better option: turn a cheap tablet into a children's tablet

We are going to recommend, therefore, that if you are looking for a tablet for children, you simply get a cheap tablet and adapt it to their needs. As we saw very recently, for less than 100 euros You can find a tablet with similar or even better technical specifications than the best of the specific ones, which costs 150 euros.

The cheapest tablets: the best options for less than 100 euros