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The best alternatives to Microsoft Office you can find

Microsoft Office once had undisputed dominance in the world of suites and productivity programs. However, its subscription model and the high price stimulate the emergence of applications capable of performing the same work and totally free. The best alternatives to Microsoft Office allow you to create, edit documents and, best of all, are compatible with files created in Word, Excel and other Microsoft programs.

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The best

Free Office is one of the best alternatives to Microsoft Office

This last edition of FreeOffice of SoftMaker 2016, is compatible with DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX and PPT formats. You will not find negative surprises when you open files with this software. The compatibility works very well if what you are looking for is to be able to use Word for free and still need to work in some way with files from Word.

If you were a Word user for a long time, the interface is very similar. The bars and creation of documents are similar to those of Office and the latest software updates ensure that it is ultra fast. Even PlanMaker, the alternative spreadsheet of this suite, offers features such as conditional formatting and pivot tables, which Excel users can access without having to review a tutorial beforehand.

FreeOffice is an excellent alternative for your professional projects. Not only does it provide support for password protected files, it also allows you to create PDF or ePUB files, track changes in documents and change languages. The most common features, such as spell checking or predictive writing, are also incorporated.


The best web based option


The online Google package does not need a presentation. Cloud-based software is still ideal if you need to work with other people on a project, particularly if everyone is familiar with Google Drive, where files can be stored and shared. The current version of Docs (documents) supports PDF, DOC and even iWork files, which means that you should not worry about the loss of information.

It also integrates with most other Google services, including Gmail and Calendar. As if that were not enough, the G Suite Productivity for companies is available, which is a strong competitor of Microsoft Office offers in many companies.

The interface is Google's classic: minimalist and often confusing. It is worth noting that certain tools or capabilities may be hidden in the mens or may not be available for unknown reasons, which can make the software difficult to collect without any previous experience. However, if you are accustomed to Chrome or Chrome OS, then you know what to expect and you should not have many problems to navigate the mens.

With the Google G Suite and Google Apps you can work on documents, edit jobs and discuss changes with other people who also work in the same file, all in the same window, and in a really useful and simple way. Without a doubt it is a great option for those who have limited storage (such as Chromebook users) or for those who need to edit remotely.


The one with the best tools

The creators of LibreOffice made sure to do everything Word cannot do. For now, the differences are so numerous that someone created a useful graph that shows all the additional LibreOffice provides, such as support for a large number of document formats in both MacOS and Windows. If you are using somewhat complicated software in your work and believe that Word cannot handle the specific formats of your industry, LibreOffice is an alternative.

The open source community behind LibreOffice remains active and continues to create extensions to equip your applications with whatever features you need. The latest updates include improvements in interactive document forms, new presentation templates and a version of the cloud-based suite for remote use. Since the Fresh and Nightly beta modes are available, you are also guaranteed to receive regular improvements.

If you like Office, but are looking for a highly customizable alternative, use the tools offered by Microsoft and provide strong compatibility, LibreOffice is your alternative. Anyway, we anticipate that learning to use LibreOffice can take a little work.