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The best advantages to win in Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile all the advantages

In Call of Duty: Mobile, there are different factors that make up a soldier, such as weapons, accessories, protection and skills. But besides that, they can also carry medals that give them advantages in certain characteristics.

There are 3 types of medals, strength, vision and protection. In each of these sections there are different advantages that serve to enhance skills and improve some things of the soldier. If you want to know which are the best to win in Multiplayer mode, Then, we will recommend the most efficient for each game.

Red Advantages

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The red advantages are based mainly on maintaining life and surviving attacks. In each of the advantages there are a total of 6 medals, in this case you can choose between the following:

  • Quick Recovery: + 35% HP recovery.
  • Persistence: Double the cost of deaths.
  • Bomb Suit: -35% damage to explosions.
  • Stalker: + 12% speed walking and ducking.
  • Gil: -85% targeted time to sprint and jump faster.
  • Light weight: + 10% speed when running and less likely to be shot down.

Of these 6, the most recommended are the Fast Recovery or Persistence, since they benefit you very well and are very important factors in the games. It should be noted that each of the advantages are unlocked as you level up, Upon reaching level 51 you will have the 18 available medals.

Green Advantages

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These serve for the support of the soldierThere are several very interesting options, and everything depends on the type of game you enter. The green advantages are as follows:

  • Hardness: -60% shudder when shot.
  • Vulture: You collect munitions from the casualties.
  • Tracker: the footsteps of the enemy are seen for 4 seconds.
  • Ghost: UAVs do not reveal your location.
  • Ruthless: You are not part of the AI ​​controlled streak.
  • Innate Skill: You are immune to UAVs, PEM grenades and trap mines.

In this case, it is important that you consider choosing Hardness, Vulture or Tracker, these 3 advantages are very good and adapt to any game mode in Multiplayer. Similarly, others are very useful, like Innate Skill, but can best be used on small maps.

Blue Advantages

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The blue ones are those that increase the strength of the soldier's attacks. Here your decision will be based primarily on the type of weaponry you use. Next, we leave you the description of each of the blue advantages:

  • Hard line: + 25% points when eliminating enemies.
  • Demolition Expert: + 25% damage with explosives.
  • Tactical Mask: -40% duration of effects of tactical equipment.
  • Engineer: Detect streaks of points, change aid packages with allies and you can set traps in enemy aid packages.
  • Deadly silence: silent movement
  • Alert: Show the location of all the enemies that are close to you.

If you usually keep the same armament equipment in Multiplayer mode, you can choose to choose the Hard Line or Alert. On the other hand, if you consider yourself to be good with pumps and tactical equipment, it is better to choose Engineer or Mscara Tactics.

Remember that you can get big streaks in Battle Royale mode if you keep these tips in mind.

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