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The best 10-inch tablets of 2017: this is the race


The best 10-inch tablets of 2017: this is the race

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June 11, 2017

best 10-inch tablets of 2017

We have already left you a selection with the best tablets of 2017 in relation quality / price, but now that we have so many cards on the table, it's time to start thinking directly about the fight for the crown, in which it still remains the queen category: how is the fight between the best 10-inch tablets of 2017?

Samsung set the bar high with the Galaxy Tab S3 …

As we have already mentioned after having had the opportunity to thoroughly test the Galaxy Tab S3, the new tablet of Samsung It is practically perfect and without a doubt the best Android tablet that has passed through our hands to date. It is true that it has risen a lot in price compared to its predecessor, but so is that has made important improvements, and we must think that even costing 680 euros, it is still cheaper than the alternative of Manzana and also arrives with him S Pen. Its greatest virtue is still its spectacular screen, but the audio is also spectacular, the performance is excellent, its glass case is a pleasure for the eyes and the versatility of its stylus is greatly appreciated.

Galaxy Tab S3 gaming test

… And also left us an option with Windows

It is rare to find one Windows tablet with 10-inch screen that does not fall more within the mid-range, and that is also at a good level in the multimedia section, but Samsung He decided to diversify his offer of professional tablets and the result is that the most affordable model, the Galaxy Book 10.6, has managed to fill that gap. In comparison with the Galaxy Tab S3, we lose on screen (LCD and resolution "only" Full HD) and audio, but it is true that in return we have a device with a desktop operating system and a powerful processor to move it, because it does not mount, as it did even the Surface 3, an Intel Atom, but a Intel Core m3. We are just waiting to know what its price will be in our country.

galaxy book keyboard

Apple has been up to the challenge

As hard as I put it Samsung, also competing, as we have just seen, twice, for what we have seen so far, it seems that Manzana He has managed to live up to it. We still have a lot to discover from the new iPad Pro 10.5, so it is too early to decide who will win, but for the moment everything that has been left out of him, he is liking a lot. Those of the apple had a particularly complicated challenge in the screen section, where the Super AMOLED panels are intractable in recent years, but with more brightness and with a higher refresh rate than ever, maybe you can stand up. We must recognize, yes, that much of the merit of the warm welcome it has had, is in the improvements that iOS 11 will bring to productivity.

iPad Pro 10.5 multitasking

Huawei and Lenovo, so far have focused on the mid-range

Manzana and Samsung They have always been the main protagonists of the battle of the high range, but it seems that this year they are more alone than ever. Of course, much can change in the months that we still have ahead, but for now so much Huawei as Lenovo they seem to prefer to fight in the mid-range terrain, even if you have to recognize that both their MediaPad M3 10 Lite as their Tab 4 10 Plus, are on the edge of the high range. There are a few sections, however, in those who fail to make the leap (they remain in Full HD resolution and with mid-range processors). In any case, with these models they will not fight for the crown, but their launch is great news for those who cannot afford what it costs Galaxy Tab S3 or a iPad Pro 10.5.

tab 4 10 plus white

The great void in between

And this is another of the highlights of this race to be among the best 10-inch tablets of 2017: The distance between the head and the platoon has never been so long. On the one hand, we have a few simply spectacular models, with everything (or almost) what we can dare to dream of having on an Android or iOS tablet, but prices that many will find prohibitive and that certainly have risen a lot with respect to the best tablets a couple of years ago, even from the same manufacturers. On the other hand, we have excellent mid-range tablets, which move along the same border between the mid-range and the high range and leave us with really good technical specifications for prices of around 300 euros. What we do not have at the moment, is nothing new worth mentioning in the vast territory that opens between them.