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The Android-based Grid10 tablet officially presented: Prices and features

Recently we were talking about a curious tablet, the Grid10 that would come from the hand of the manufacturer Fusion Garage, and we told you that it was Android but at the same time it was not. The OS they carry is based on Android but not pure Android, and yet we have hallucinated a lot today in the presentation of what well that works.

Let's talk a little about this tablet because you have to keep it in mind, not only for its good technical characteristics and for how well GridOS worksbut for the incredible low price you have.

The first thing that stands out of the Grid10 is its new operating system, he GridOS. According to Fusion Garage is based on semantic web and predictive intelligence. The idea is to start from Android to give it a change and make a much more dynamic interface, maybe something like a son of Android and Windows 8, although I can't think very well how to describe it. They themselves claim that it is not simply a recycled version of Android, but that they have built a completely new operating system from the Android kernel. Thanks to this they have the stability of Android but with a new touch that gives it much more functionality and ease of use. I am somewhat skeptical about all this, but time will be putting GridOS in its place.

Gestures are very important in GridOS, since they wanted the control to be done through these. The only thing we do not use gestures in GridOS is to type with the keyboard and to turn the tablet on and off.

Another of the forts that they intend to count on is their Media player, which they say: «Media Grid software makes Grid10 the only tablet capable of using iTunes content«. Frankly, this doesn't seem like an advantage, but a lot of people may have pearls. What it does have is an operation similar to iTunes Air, but that after all is nothing more than DLNA, what it allows is play iTunes content directly on the tablet via WiFi, something that is very good but that as I say any Android does with a DLNA program and from any player that is not iTunes compatible with DLNA. The one of GridOS above has the limitation of only allow content with DRM.

Regarding the technical characteristics the tablet has a screen of 10 inches with resolution of 1366 × 768 16: 9, 16 GB of internal memory, NVidia Tegra 2 dual core and 1.3MP rear camera, nothing but not bad.

Regarding the prices, I know you are asking them all and you want to see if finally that super price drop is real. Well, you can celebrate it, because it is. GridOS will be available from Amazon and from the store of Fusion Garage in your model only WiFi for ? 299 and in the WiFi + 3G for ? 399, both with 16GB of internal memory. The fault here? Yes, you guessed it, they have done the damn conversion of $ 1 = ? 1, but it seems that we already live doomed to it and there is no one or anything that saves us.

A possible problem for the popularization of this tablet is that it does not have Android Market, You only have access to the Amazon market.

More information on the Fusion Garage website