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Tape it Up! An adorable, simple and very addictive game

Tape it Up! It is one of those games that is very nice to play. A retro but beautiful aesthetic and a simple form of playability make it a good game of the casual genre.

The game genre casual Android is one of the most exploited. Making an addictive game with good aesthetics is not easy, but fortunately we have good examples to refer to. This is the case of Tape it Up!, a very simple title with a very retro aesthetic with a component quite addictive. He is not the best in his field, but the truth is that he is a good candidate to have the achievement of being Installed in our phones. Will you pass the test? Let's see

Tape it Up !: a very charming aesthetic

Tape it Up! An adorable, simple and quite addictive game

As you can see, the main attraction of Tape it Up! lies in your pixelated style, with a touch quite "adorable" that makes it a pleasant game to look at. In addition, the operation could not be more easy. We are an employee in a company of closed boxes, and our character must go over them to close them in its path. In 3 rows in which we must move, we must jump between them to make the longest route possible.

Sliding to any side we can move to any of the 3 lines. With a touch, we make our little character go further and getting more score. If we gather the letters of the word FEVER, We will get a bonus and automatically go through a large number of boxes without falling Obviously we can't Touch the tape. If not, we would not be good workers.

Tape it Up! An adorable, simple and quite addictive game

The more score, the more coins we will get. And what do we do with those coins? To unlock characters such as a piece of meat, a carton of milk or even a WC paper roll. A funny and friendly aesthetic that brings you a smile from the first moment we start playing. Although it may not last so long what joy is: Tape it Up! is quite addictive, so that the anger is secured at the moment you fall off the conveyor belt.

Tape it Up! An adorable, simple and quite addictive game

How could it be otherwise, Tape it Up is a game freemium, that is, with payments within the app. Although we must say that They are not worth it. You can unlock more characters and get more coins, but little more. Unlike other titles, you will not make great progress or get noticeable improvements by spending money on this game. So we do not recommend you do so much, although you are free to perform the actions that you see fit.

Tape it Up! this free in the Google Play Store. It also has advertising, but not in a very exaggerated way. In fact, you may get much less publicity than you You could wait. It is a game that I recommend in a personal capacity for those dead times in which you search among the apps of your Android to see what game you start, and you do not want the density of games like The Room or the frenetism of others like Flippy Hill. Further, It is adorable. What else do you want?