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Swim Out is an excellent puzzle game set in a pool

Swim Out is a turn-based puzzle game in which you must squeeze your wits to cross the pool dodging swimmers.

Puzzle games are excellent for training the mind in summer, especially during the holidays. As we usually put the neuron in neutral and sooner or later we must reactivate it, how about doing it with a original game, simple and set in pools? As you see Swim out is perfect for this August. And you will love it for more than it is paid.

Do you want to renew your game collection with a newly landed one on Android? It takes a few days through the Google Play Store and deserves a good download: Swim out It poses different challenges that will refresh our minds. Are you able to take your swimmer to the other side of the pool?

Find the best tour of the pool in turn games

A refreshing puzzle game with excellent design: Swim Out

The mechanics of Swim Out are simple: we will control the direction of the blue swimmer advancing one square per turn. The rest of the swimmers will do the same in the direction they take, so we will have to trace the route to cross the pool without bumping into another swimmer. As usual, the task seems simple, but once swimmers are added to the pools, the levels will get complicated to rage.

The graphics are attractive without entering the apotheosis, you don't need it either. Minimalist cut and simple control in which we only need to make strokes. Remember distant other titles in turn that are inspired by the boards, such as Lara Croft Go or Deus Ex Go. And it does not detract from one iota: Swim Out is a wonder that is taken care of in every detail.

A refreshing puzzle game with excellent design: Swim Out

The only downside of Swim Out may be the price, but it is very adjusted to the quality it offers. The number of levels is very high, more than 100. And the challenges remain at that same level since as we move forward the mental challenge will be considerable. As I said before, it is one of those games that are great to revitalize the mind.

Do you want to give Swim Out a chance? You can download it right now from the Google Play Store. Its usual cost is 3.49 euros, but currently is on sale for 2.39 euros. Recommended.