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Star Wars Stormtroopers arrive in Fortnite

Stormtrooper Fortnite

Throughout this year, we have really seen Epic Games collaborations through Fortnite not only with movies like John Wick or The Avengers: End Game, but also with video games like Borderlands 3.

These types of events offer us on most occasions a series of events that allow us to obtain cosmetic objects for free and some characters, The latter always pay.

The game Jedi Star Wars: Fallen Order today comes to the market for both PC and Ps4 and XBox. Epic Games has reached a collaboration agreement with Electronics Arts, developer of this title to offer the Imperial Stormtrooper through the Fortnite store, one of the most emblematic characters of the Star Wars saga since its inception in the 80s.

Stormtrooper Fortnite

The price of the imperial soldier in the Fortnite store is 1500 turkeys, that change is about 15 euros. But you can get it for free and buy the version of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for PC through the Epic Games Store until November 30.

The Epic Games Store is the same as Steam, a service through which you can buy games that have been on the market for a short time and that are trying to gain a foothold among Steam users, the first platform of this type that reached the market and the most used by users.

At the moment we do not know if this will be the only collaboration agreement with the Star Wars saga, since on December 19 Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker is released, so if you don't have money to get the Stormtrooper now, you probably can do it in a few weeks.

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