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Samsung Galaxy Fold, analysis: review with features

This is the first thing you have to know about the Samsung Galaxy Fold: the unit to which Hypertext It has had access, it has not been broken. That does not mean that this is going to be the most durable smartphone in history, as it will take a long period of time to assess with certainty how the hinge and the folding screen ages, but it is a good starting point.

I have used it without any special treatment, despite the thousand ridiculous instructions that the manufacturer encloses with the product. Sometimes, in fact, began to open and close it continuously for mere entertainment, while waiting for a train or get in the elevator. And after a week with that dynamic, everything continues to work perfectly.

Samsung says the Galaxy Fold withstands 200,000 openings and closures without any problem, which amounts to about 100 folds per day for an approximate period of 5 years. Nevertheless, independent tests such as the one executed by CNET They have lowered that optimistic figure to 120,000 movements, which is equivalent to about 100 daily folds for about 3 years. Ideally, the mechanism would not have an expiration date, but the figures given by these tests cover, a priori, the usual renewal cycle among consumers. So far, all good.

Samsung has strengthened the Galaxy Fold, but, to avoid accelerated degradation, ask users to exercise caution. Is this the way to go?

There is a somewhat surreal part regarding the issue of durability, and that is, to avoid accelerated degradation, Samsung asks Galaxy Fold users to touch the phone screen with unusual care and, above all, not to press the panel with their nails. The reason is simple: the coating of the interior screen is not glass, it is plastic, and therefore it is much easier to leave permanent marks such as those presented by our unit on the day we were given or even damage the OLED panel.

This strategy, honestly, is somewhat vague, because further delegates the durability of the product to consumers. Did Korea think of the millions of people who wear extravagant manicures and pointed nails? And if they did, they pretend that all these people, if they are interested in a Galaxy Fold, change their habits of use so as not to end up giving the phone screen? I honestly don't know, but if that was Samsung's intention, they are going the wrong way.

Nobody wants to live in a bubble or worry about the treatment they are giving their smartphone.

People put their smartphones in backpacks where other objects and even dirt motes also inhabit, in many cases; they put them in pockets along with the keys or the wallet; and, by accident, they also fall to the ground with relative assiduity. The last thing a manufacturer should do is leave the integrity of the product to consumers. No one wants to live in a bubble or worry about the treatment they are giving their smartphone. The industry has understood and thanks to this we have products increasingly resistant to bumps and liquids. That a phone of 2,000 euros like the Galaxy Fold goes against that address is, therefore, a manual error.

And yes, Samsung has made changes in both the mechanism and the coating of the screen to prevent it from occurring as easily as that first version that they gave to various American journalists before arriving at the stores; but nevertheless, This is still a phone that demands special treatment more than what a smartphone should. And the biggest proof of this is the pamphlet that the manufacturer includes in the product box, which alerts the user with instructions and warnings of use as soon as the package is opened.

The seductive underlying idea

If we set the durability aside, there is Many interesting things in the Galaxy Fold. The idea of ??carrying in your pocket a product that adapts to the needs of the moment by expanding or contracting your screen is very seductive. Muchsimo, really.

Going on the subway, opening the telephone and running two applications simultaneously is very practical in many cases. Pin it carefully: Slack and Chrome; Google Calendar and Todoist; Twitter and Feedly; Gmail and Google Docs Using these pairs of apps at the same time and on a larger screen is even liberating, as the friction layer that constitutes having to change applications constantly disappears. This phone it "encourages you" to do tasks that, in other cases, you will have parked until you have a computer or a tablet in front of you.

Samsung's multi-window system implementation, moreover, is quite versatile. This allows you to divide the screen into up to three spaces and run a floating window About any content. If you use all the options at once, the interface is a bit saturated, so it is best to use them intelligently and moderately.

The Galaxy Fold makes you feel more productive and capable. The large screen and multiventana options invite you to do tasks in mobility that, in other cases, you would have parked until you have a computer or a tablet in front.