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Russia ban the iPhone for not having pre-installed Russian apps

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The Russian government parliament has passed a new legislation that obliges manufacturers of smartphones, tablets, computers and even smart TVs Use software developed in your territory. That is, you cannot sell an iPhone that does not have pre-installed Russian apps.

On the other hand, it is important to note that the law does not prevent the manufacturers' native applications from having to be eliminated. Be that as it may, the measures will begin to take effect from the month of July 2020.

We have experienced very few situations similar to this, just a year ago, when China banned the sale of certain iPhone models that infringe Qualcomm's patents.

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Apple must use Russian software on their iPhone

According to BBC News, details about which devices are involved in this plot or what software manufactured in Russia are still needed are still unknown.

Oleg Nikolayev, co-author of the Russian legislation, talked about the matter:

?When we buy complex electronic devices, they already have individual applications, most of them from the West, pre-installed in them. Naturally, when a person sees them, they think there are no domestic alternatives available. ?

The legislation has been created so that Russian consumers have the right to choose which applications to use. However, what they have not taken into account is that applications preinstalled on smartphones, tablets and smart TVs from Apple and other manufacturers are specially designed and integrated into the system to offer the best possible experience in relation to the rest of services and functions .

If Apple decides to use Russian software, since it does not have to be approved applications in the App Store, these may contain spyware… And we already know the suspicion that exists between Americans and Russians with espionage …