Path of Exile Mobile

Path of Exile Mobile announced with video gameplay for Android

Path of Exile Mobile

If there is a game that You can get Blizzard's Devil face to face, this is Path of Exile. An ARPG that a few hours ago surprised everyone by announcing their arrival on mobile phones with Path of Exile Mobile.

And he does it through a gameplay video where you can perfectly see the great work that Grinding Gear Games has done. A game that is ready to make it hard for Blizzard with his Immortal Devil for mobile, and we will see which of the two will come before, as this can mean attracting more players to your game.

Path of Exile Mobile and Immortal Devil meet

Path of Exile is the only ARPG that it has made things very difficult for the boys in charge of the development of Diablo In recent years. An ARPG with that dark and dark tone that stood out in Diablo 2, and that fans of the saga missed very much in Diablo 3 (by pulling more towards the visual style of World of Warcraft).

This allowed Path of Exile pick up the disenchanted of Diablo 3 to his bosom and little by little, and based on a lot of content, and being very present in the forums and the community of players, dispute Blizzard the first position as the best developer of ARPGs in the market.

And if we now have the Path of Exile Mobile gameplay on video, we are waiting eager to know who of the two will launch his game to Android before. Especially since seen what was seen in the video in which it is presented, Path of Exile Mobile looks great and if Diablo Immortal is just as directed, as we showed you recently in your gameplay video, we could go from those battle royale with a lot of online ARPGs with a lot of online too, but with another style of play picking up millions of players in their titles.

The depth of Path of Exile Mobile

Path of Exile Mobile, and from what we can see from the video, we are not a "dwarfed" version of the title for PCs, but we are facing a done and right port with everything that has made this game popular. That is to say, that you are going to have in your hand the depth of the creation of characters of Path of Exile and all those extensive dungeons instantiated.

Path of Exile Mobile

The video clearly shows that visually it is a game of ten. They have spared no cuts to bring a great gaming experience for those fans of Path of Exile and for those who first step on their dungeons and lands. An ARPG in which our skills are based on the weapon and the skills that we evolve, although there is much more to deepen the evolution of our character.

That is it will be difficult to find very equal evolutions, since you can adapt it to your style of play. Whether it's magic, warrior or archer, or why not, you mix these base classes so you can use magic with your arrows. Those who know Path of Exile know that making your character evolve is something very big.

No release date

Path of Exile Mobile

Now we just have to wait, because for now no release date. Everything is in the development phase and as far as we know, the maps and sessions will be a little shorter than those of the PC game; This can still be understood as the limitation of mobile devices.

Remains see the confrontation of Immortal Devil and Path of Exile Mobile, since it will be exciting. Without either, the two studios will put all the meat on the grill to get the best game and offer the best online experience; since mainly these titles will be worth that you can play with your colleagues by sending them a WhatsApp to play a game.