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OnePlus has suffered another security breach exposing personal data »ERdC

OnePlus has suffered another security breach exposing personal data

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OnePlus is news and this time for a security breach discovered by his team which does not affect sensitive data such as credit card numbers, phone numbers and other information.

OnePlus reports the data that has been exposed

We mentioned in the previous paragraph that in this gap and according to OnePlus there has been no sensitive information that could affect the operation linked with payments.

But according to the latest information, personal data such as names and surnames, postal addresses and emails of its users.

From OnePlus they ensure that they improve the internal security of their systems and that this will prevent of similar events in the future.

OnePlus does not win for dislikes, although the previous time has been more serious

If they are memorable at the beginning of the year OnePlus suffered an attack of phishing similar related to its website, the company has reinforced its security after this fact, but that seems Not having been enough.

An attack phishing allows the attacker to enter the system mocking the security of it, in this case it has happened to OnePlus.

Though any company You can be so sure that your systems are 100% infallible.

3 tips to be safe on the Internet

The first thing to avoid is links in emails, the common sense he is the best ally so as not to fall into practices of this class.

The second is that always we must enter our data in secure sites, that is in the sites which next to the address bar a padlock appears.

This ensures that the site is safe for transactions, if you prefer more security you can choose on your computer to use the on-screen keyboard