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Now Card and Find your Way

The comparator of flights, hotels and car rentals, Skyscanner, has launched together with Google and Apple a couple of applications that will help travelers to plan and easily locate the hosting site, it is about Now card and Find your Way.

In the case of the first, Now card For Google, the application has been developed in order that all users of Android devices have the possibility to observe in real time the changes that occur in the prices of the different flights to the destinations of their preference, in addition to knowing also When is the ideal time to buy tickets and get them cheaper.

Additionally, it is possible to know how much has been the change in the amounts to be paid since the first search was made because the app counts it. To meet the needs of travelers worldwide, Now card Google is available in 30 languages, including Spanish and Catalan.

After downloading this app on a smartphone or tablet, travelers can receive notifications on the home screen or email, as a price alert tool that is, according to Skyscanner informants, highly valued by users.

For its part Find your Way, for Apple Watch, is an extension of its hotel application for wearable. For now it is available in countries where the Cupertino smart watch has gone on the market, we are talking specifically about nations such as the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan and the United Kingdom.

The purpose of this app is to help travelers more easily locate the address and route to the hotel they have hired, to avoid disorientation and delays on arrival, in the style of a GPS, the application show information such as the name of the hotel, distance, approximate time to walk back to the accommodation, in addition to the exact address and telephone number.

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