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Motorola Xoom 2: Some filtered photos and features

A few days ago leaked photos of a possible Motorola's new tablet, called Xoom 2, and that of Mountain View like to make second and third parts of their products.

We did not give coverage to those photos because we already know that if it is a good filtration, the details are dripping little, if we have waited to have more to serve you, and the truth is that the dish is delicious, because as we are accustomed Motorola, which you may like or not, at least innovate and do different things.

On this occasion the possible and more than probable Xoom 2 (or also called Xoom 2 Media Edition) would stand out above all for its size, of 8.2 inches on a screen with IPD HD panel, but now it comes best, in weight, barely 430 grams to contain this Honeycomb tablet is undoubtedly a "compelling" reason for us to like it.

With respect to other technical characteristics, Engadget points to: 9 mm thick, a 1.2 GHz dual core processor and 1 GB of RAM, as well as full HD recording. Of course, Honeycomb 3.2. We are also struck by the rear part finished in aluminum where a battery capable of holding 11 hours of continuous video playback would be housed.

But let's see the photos, right?

Update: As I said, the leaks are little by little if today there are new photos that we attached and we have been able to verify that in the absence of one, they are two the new Xoom, one of 10 ? and another, the one described here, of 8.2 ?. Both with a thickness of just 9.3 ? and would be nicknamed Fleming in addition to carrying 5-megapixel cameras and having that area as plastic at the edges, we assume that for a better grip. We will see how all this ends.