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Minecraft Earth is now available to download on your iPhone in Spain

Minecraft Earth

Minecraft earth

Minecraft Earth is now available in the App Store so you can now download it to play on your iPhone if you live in Spain. After a long testing process the expected augmented reality game is now available in our country, and soon reach more places.

The popular block saga returns with a game that follows the initiated fashion of Pokmon GO in which we can see the world of Minecraft around us. With this new game podrs ddiscover a new dimension of Minecraft as you create, explore and survive in the real world. They have also created a community of builders and explorers across the planet with whom you can interact and team up to enjoy mini-adventures. Although it is also necessary to clarify that at the moment it is in the development phase and the full version will come later.

You can now download Minecraft Earth

Augmented reality is a very interesting technology in which Apple is putting a lot of effortsIn fact, we saw a presentation of Minecraft Earth in one of Apple's keynote in which they showed their full potential.

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These are the main functions of Minecraft Earth:

  • Pick up. Minecraft Earth presents many of the creatures you know and want, along with a lot of new ones that we are looking forward to showing you. Over time, you will have the opportunity to discover unique variants and ways to use them to complete your constructions. Minecraft pigs parading around your home park? That is about to become your reality.
  • Explore. Your neighborhood is about to acquire a new dimension. Rene resources, complete challenges and experience a whole new world to discover!
  • Collaborate. Build even better by partnering with other Minecraft Earth players. You can create amazing things together. We can't wait to see what you can think of!
  • Survive. Sure, you're good at fighting hostile creatures in Minecraft, but are you ready to fight these Minecraft creatures in real life? Good luck, because we are going to test your survival skills!

A very interesting game that compete with other great developments focused on augmented reality which are already available as Pokmon GO or Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

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