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main differences with its great rivals

Smart speakers are here to stay. We talk about products that have a characteristic that makes them unique: the voice assistant that they integrate to make our lives much easier. And the new Huawei Sound X The Asian manufacturer is a clear example of this.

Yes, the Shenzhen-based firm did not have enough presenting its new generation MatePad, which just surprised us with a new smart speaker. And, it must be said that the Huawei Sound X points out ways to be a great alternative to the Amazon Echo and Google Home, main rivals within the sector.

Huawei Sound X

Huawei Sound X: these are your main weapons against your rivals

For starters, in aesthetic terms we are facing a stylized product that has tempered glass and mesh bottom finishes. In addition, the Huawei guys have taken care of every last detail in this Sound X smart speaker. For starters, its design has been created to offer a 360 degree sound. And to this, smale a cut in the body of the speaker where the subwoofer is hidden, promising high quality bass.

And yes, at the top is where we find the capacitive controls, in addition to the omnidirectional microphones to activate the voice assistant that integrates. Do you remember the subwoofer? To say that it really has two 3.5 inches to reach 60 W of power. And it also has SAM technology, to be the first intelligent speaker with Hi Fi certification.

Huawei Sound X

To this, we must add a 93 decibel sound power, with Devialet Push-Push technology. Yes, the Chinese firm has joined forces with a French manufacturer specializing in high quality sound products. The result? Its two symmetrical woofers, together with the subwoofer, cancel the noise generated at a high volume, so that there is no sign of distortion even if we have the maximum sound.

And, if it doesn't seem enough, you know there is a total of six midrange speakers, 1.5 inches and 8 W of power distributed by the Huawei Sound X, to get to offer an acoustic landscape that will make you fall in love. Ms, if you take into account the Histen technology developed by Huawei. This tool is able to detect where it is thanks to its artificial intelligence. The result? Adjust the sound output according to the environment.

Huawei Sound X

Finally, say that this Huawei Sound X, which comes with NFC and Bluetooth, bet on a stereo system. Or what is the same, if you have two units you will get an acoustic landscape of scandal. And just by pressing a button that pair both smart speakers.

With respect to price and release date of the Huawei Sound X, say that this model, which has HiLink technology of the Asian firm to be compatible with all types of devices, reaches the market for 1,999 yuan, about 258 euros to change if you buy a smart speaker, or 3,888 yuan, about 502 euros, if you buy two units.

As you could see, it is a product with some characteristics of height and that, although it has a significantly higher price, completely sweeps all its rivals. We will have to wait for its official launch in Europe, because the Huawei Sound X points ways, more so if it arrives with Alexa or Google Assistant, to be one of the best options to consider.