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Lenovo's new folding mobile with Android on video

Lenovo is holding an event in China where it is showing some of its new technologies. In the section of smartphones, there is a terminal that has a flexible screen and that we can fold, but that leaves us with some doubts.

At the moment it is a prototype

We must make it clear that it is not a commercial unit that we can buy now, but a device that Lenovo uses to display its flexible display technology, something that other brands also work on.

As we can see, it is a unit with a considerable thickness and with a screen that does not seem to have much resolution.

In addition, in this type of terminals we will have to get used to the fact that the touch of the panel is much more similar to that of the mobile phones of the first century, with resistive screens, than to the current ones since glass cannot be used, it is not flexible.

This unit uses Android as the operating system. We know this through the navigation keys that appear at the bottom of the screen, next to a fairly thick area that we understand will house part of the components.

Lenovo's mobile phone appears in a video

In spite of everything, it is not a terminal that can be completely folded but as we say it is a prototype and there is still a time until this type of mobile phone is normalized and so that its technology and aesthetics reach that of today's smartphones.

This is especially noticeable in construction materials and also on the screen itself, which has notches in the right area (at least two, in the central area and in the lower corner).

The beginning of a new stage

All major brands are currently immersed in the development and research of new forms and materials that allow mobile phones to be folded.

Flexible display

The future of communication devices, be they phones or watches, seems to involve integrating them into our clothing and accessories and sacrifices will have to be made for that, but will it be worth it?

It is clear that at the beginning devices of this type will be more expensive and will have limitations but the question is whether in a reasonable time those problems disappear or are established as the new norm.

Do you remember when we said that a five-inch cell phone was too big or that charging a terminal daily was a horror? If you are young, it is possible that you are not, but if you already have a certain age, yes.

We will have to wait to see if Lenovo advances Samsung and Huawei that intend to take out their commercial models in a few months.