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Jelly Bean getting stronger, beat Gingerbread?


Jelly Bean getting stronger, beat Gingerbread?

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6 February, 2013

Jelly bean

Yesterday Google presented the statistical data of adoption of its operating system Android corresponding to the last 14 days, and in them a significant rise of Jelly bean compared to other versions. Nevertheless, Gingerbread remains a strong force and, given that there is little left for the emergence of Key Lime Pie, we still wonder if the current generation of the operating system will be able to end up submitting to its most popular version.

Time passes and Gingerbread still has a very high presence (45.6%) in the devices Android. However, Jelly bean evolves favorably and has grown from 10.2 to 13.6 percent during the last month. Anyway, it seems that its end is approaching and the arrival of Key Lime Pie It points to May almost certainly. It should also be noted that there is still an update to arrive from this current version, as we pointed out this morning, the 4.2.2, which could make an appearance in a few days.

Android devices

The sum of Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly beanHowever, it reaches a reasonable proportion of 42.6%. Soon, the combination of these two deliveries Android 4, with which the operating system of Google took a major leap in quality will become a majority. However, although every time data of this type appear, the recurring issue of fragmentation and the inevitable comparisons with the platform is again present iOSThe truth is that the situation improves markedly and the level of the software of the androids gains quality at times.

Android feeThe great strength of Gingerbread, as they point out in the Android Authority, it seems to reside in its enormous presence in cheap devices that today are almost a standard. Most phones that run this version are the equipment that telephone companies give their customers totally free when a new contract is made. It should also be borne in mind that this system is very practical and simple to certain types of users who do not expect from their terminals a leading performance.