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it will be released by Honor Magic 2 and Mate 20

He graphene It has positioned itself as one of the most interesting materials for the future. This carbon compound with hexagonal geometry has proven useful in various functions and technologies and it seems that we will finally see it in commercial applications related to smartphones.

Huawei is one of the brands that is spending the most on R&D and it shows on issues like this. The Chinese company is close to implementing this material in two different technologies that will be used in two mobiles that will be announced shortly.

If these rumors are confirmed, Huawei could make a considerable leap in its eagerness to distance itself from its competitors in relevant aspects, something it insists on in recent years.

Graphene for cooling Mate 20

We have talked a lot about the Huawei Mate 20 in recent days and it is that they are the most anticipated phones at the end of the year.

What we did not know is that Huawei will implement a liquid cooling system in both terminals and to do so it will use graphene. The company will replace more traditional materials such as copper or carbon with this new one, which it claims to be more efficient in terms of conductivity.

A graphene battery in the Magic 2

The second mobile that will use this technology is the Honor Magic 2, a terminal that we know will also be announced in October.

Huawei invents batteries made of graphene that last twice as long

The Vice President of Honor, Xiong Junmin, has recently stated that the company's new flagship will have a graphene-based battery. We do not know exactly what that will mean, if it will be a replica of what we will see in Mate 20 or if we are facing a considerable jump.

Recall that graphene batteries allow charging speeds of a few minutes, although at the moment no company has implemented them commercially, although Huawei has already been researching in this line for several years.