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How to install an Amazon Echo smart speaker step by step

How to install an Amazon Echo smart speaker step by step

Smart speakers are increasingly appealing to users, so it is logical that this market grows steadily since there are not a few who want to have one in the living room. Amazon Echo It is one of the most attractive models, and these are the steps to install one of these accessories from scratch.

The truth is that the process is quite simple, which is appreciated, and in less than ten minutes (and we are almost exaggerating) you can enjoy all the options of voice assistant inside, which is none other than Alexa from Amazon. By the way, if you are not sure what this smart speaker offers, this is a summary of what you would get by getting one:

  • 10 mm tweeter and 76 mm woofer to ensure good sound quality
  • Bluetooth connection and 3.5 mm headphone input (AUX)
  • Dolby Audio compatible
  • Manual controls in the upper zone (the microphone can be disabled if desired)
  • Wide compatibility with smartphones and tablets.
  • Access to different streaming music services: Amazon Music, Spotify, Deezer and Tune-In.

Amazon Echo speaker

Before doing anything, what you have to do is download the Alexa application from the official app stores of iOS and Android, since Amazon Echo speakers are compatible with both operating systems and, therefore, it is possible to manage everything in terminals with both developments.

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Installing an Amazon Echo smart speaker

Now is the time to start the process that synchronize your terminal with the smart speaker we are talking about and, as you can see, everything is really simple since you have to take a few steps so that everything is completely configured. This is what you have to do:

  • Connect the speaker to the power and you must wait for the top ring to turn orange to hear Alexa's welcome.
  • Now place the device in a central place in the room and where there is not much background noise. Apart from that, for everything to be understood correctly, you should be located at a distance for the configuration of about 15 to 30 centimeters.
  • Now start the Alexa application and scan to detect the Amazon Echo speaker you have at home. Press l once it appears on the screen.

  • A wizard is then started in which you have to configure some options of the accessory, such as the room to be placed and the usual use options (such as registering a voice to recognize Alexa or access to WiFi networks ).
  • It is important to activate two sections in Configuration: the Whisper Mode that is in Voice Response, so that the sensitivity is the best possible, and register the streaming services in which you have an account, such as those of Music and Series and video

Done this you have already operating the speaker Amazon Echo and you can start to use it together with Alexa on a regular basis – and enjoy all the options offered by this accessory that, the truth, are becoming bigger and more useful.