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How to increase storage limit in Pokmon GO

If your storage of Pokémon (and even that of the backpack) is falling short, do not worry, it can be fixed. When you start playing Pokémon GO the limit of Pokémon you can store is 300 pocket creatures and up to 350 objects in your backpack. But for an advanced player it can start to be somewhat short.

So we tell you how to increase this limit to be able to store up to a whopping 3,000 Pokémon and 2,500 objects.

How to increase storage limit in Pokémon GO

A year ago Niantic increased the limit to 2,500 Pokémon, but now it has been increased to 3,000 Pokémon. So you can get it.

The first of all is to open the game. Once inside we will click on the Pokéball that we find at the bottom in the center of the screen. There we will open a menu where we can see our Pokémon, the bag and the store. We will press in the store.

Pokémon GO storage limit

When opening the store we will slide down until we find the section of Improvements There we will see the Increase in space (bag) and the Pokémon storage. That are priced at 200 pokémonedas.

Pokémon Go storage limit

Yes, if we want to increase the space we will have to go through the box. With the 200 pokémonedas the capacity limit will be increased by 50, so we will have to pay each time we want to increase 50 spaces. 200 pokémonedas have an individual price of ? 1.98, but ? 550 pokémonedas are priced at ? 5.49 and 1200 pokémonedas ? 10.99. You can also get 14,500 pokémonedas, but at much higher prices.

The Pokémon Storage and the Increase of space of the bag have the same price, and you will have to pay them separately. So if you want to maximize the storage limit you will have to pay all extensions separately.

Pokémon Go storage limit

Of course these coins can also be obtained through the game, but you have to spend more hours to get the same amount of coins, but of course you have the option to get it without having to pay anything from the game. It can be proposed as a challenge, don't you think?

This is the way to do it, tell us your experiences. Do you need more space or have you not captured more than 300 Pokémon?

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