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Google can unify all its messenger on Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie


Google can unify all its messenger on Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie

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6 February, 2013

Google Unified Messenger

The great search engine company does great things, many of them at the same time. And sometimes it happens that this is somewhat confusing. That is why today we have 3 different ways to control instant messaging on an on-table computer and two different ways on an Android tablet. However, everything indicates that this noise is going to end and that soon Google will create a single messaging service.

The developer François Beaufort, who on more than one occasion has let out interesting leaks, has shown a screen print of a computer with the Chrome OS operating system. In it, we can see in the lower toolbar an icon that are several speech bubbles of different colors overlaid. Ideologically it seems to indicate being the access to a messaging communications center.

Google Unified Messaging (2)Google Unified Messaging

If we had any doubt about the existence of this resource on the lower right we see the status bar and notifications and one of its buttons, which precisely has an icon of a speech bubble emerges a notification side panel where you can see several people or contacts and different communicative activities registered as chat messages, missed calls that could even be of Google Voice, notification of shared files, social actions such as including you in a circle. All these actions can now be done to a greater or lesser extent from the Google+ social network, but it seems that the other resources will disappear to become part of something more controllable.

This resource has not been too much in the pools that the media have made of the advances that are expected to be found in the new operating system Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie which will be presented in May on Google I / O in all probability. However, anyone who is using the services of Mountain View on a daily basis and on different platforms, as is my case, will have noticed that the overlap between the Gmail chat, the application of Google Talk and the Google+ chat. These last two are repeated in applications for Android and iOS mobile devices. The solution seems to come soon.

Source: Android Central