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Frulas develop with 3D printing for children with tracheobroncomalacia

3D printing in the field of health continues to bring good news. On this occasion, given the satisfactory balance of bioreabsorbable and personalized frulas in the form of small porous tubes to treat cases of children with tracheobroncomalacia, a condition that causes the collapse of the trquea.

It has been known that these devices, developed in 3D printing with laser technology, have been implanted in three babies (Kaiba, Ian and Garrett) held in the C.S. Mott Childrens Hospital, in the United States; and today, those little ones are alive, out of fans and without the need for narratives or sedatives.

None of the devices that were implanted in Kaiba, 3 months old; Ian, 5 months; and Garrett, 16, caused some kind of complications.

According to sources from the health center mentioned, researchers Dr. Scott Hollister and Dr. Glenn Verde, authors of this initiative, observed improvements in multiple organs and systems; even, patients were relieved of the proteins that cause immunodeficiency that impede the absorption of food, so that they no longer needed intravenous therapy.

The reported results suggest that early treatment of tracheobroncomalacia can prevent the complications of conventional treatment, such as a tracheotoma, prolonged hospitalization, mechanical ventilation, cardiac and respiratory arrest, poor food absorption and discomfort, have been reported since C.S. Mott Childrens Hospital.

Now, deepening the essence of this frula – designed to be reabsorbed by the body over time – it is worth mentioning that it has been made directly from the computed tomographs of each patient's chest. Then, it has been sewn around the vas areas to widen the gut and bronchi and give it a skeleton to help proper growth.

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