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Free applications that were previously paid, describe them while they last

A new weekend is approaching and, with it, another round of free applications that will be for a short time. You know how it works: download all the apps and games that we propose because right now, at the time of publishing this article, they are at zero euros. They won't last like this for too many days, you should hurry.

This Friday is somewhat lazy in terms of quantity, but there is more than one jewel waiting for you to download it to your mobile. And you will have it bought forever even when it goes up in price: it is the best way to fill your application library with quality software. Go get him!

Free Android Apps

Free Android Games

Free Android customization applications

After reviewing the best applications that have fallen in price until it is free, it is time to review less succulent offers, but just as juicy: they are excellent quality apps that, due to their discount, turn your purchase into a unique opportunity.

Fenix ??2 for Twitter

Phoenix 2 It is one of the best clients for Twitter on Android, but the best. Multi-account, full of options, with themes, super customizable … It is an excellent option if you got tired of the official Twitter app. And it has a 40% discount.

Pro training interval

A great exercise application that allows you to create workouts to high intensity intervals. They are perfect for burning fat, for example, also for those who do not have too much time to play sports. And thanks to the application you will have an excellent way to control the exercises: it has 76% discount.

GPS Test Plus Navigation

This GPS application is spectacular, in the broad spectrum of the adjective. It offers you all the information of the satellites by placing them on the globe with their names and their schedules. In addition, it allows you from knowing altitude to speed; with a huge amount of data. It is the premium version and is very discounted: 60% less.

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