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First drone with Ubuntu has seen light

Innovation in drones is still rising; and sample of it, it has been taken for granted by Erle-Robotics, a Spanish company that has developed the first drone with Ubuntu.

This is Erle-Copter Ubuntu Core Special Edition already available on the Erle-Robotics website for 399 euros- equipped with a 3000 mAh battery, a power module, WiFi and GPS, as well as additional accessories, among which are mentioned , a radio control module and mount for action cameras specifically a GoPro HERO 3 that can also be acquired in the sealed portal-

With regard to other features of this unmanned copy, it is worth mentioning that it has measures of 370 x 370 x 95 mm, weight of approximately 878 grams, Sitara AM3358BZCZ100 1GHz processor, 2000 MIPS and 4GB flash memory, among other attributes.

Concerning connectivity, the Erle-Copter Ubuntu Core Special Edition has been equipped with USB, Ethernet, microSD slot, UART, ADC connector, CAN, Buzzer (audio signaling device used to announce status tones and other melodies), switch of security and 12 channels of PWM output.

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