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Face 11 players in a new battle royale in OVERDOX

OVERDOX is a new battle royale that comes to feed the hunger of many who are looking for new games after having gone through the most well-known such as Fortnite and PUBG Mobile.

A new title that comes with a futuristic air and that is characterized by smaller maps, but with fewer players and that isometric view that puts the perspective almost from above.

Playing a battle royale as Diablo but in futuristic


OVERDOX we could almost say that it is an online multiplayer with many similar to Diablo (look at the one that comes upon us with Immortal Devil), at least in perspective, and that way to invite you to play almost from the relaxation it generates. Being able to have a greater vision of what is coming, it is easier to relax and take the best strategy to duel with the enemy player you meet.


A battle royale that has a handicap, you will need many players so that these games are well animated, since for the moment, for what we have played, we are more like bots than real people. Anyway, you have to give it time, since it has everything to be a more interesting battle royale alternative to those we have said.

Virtually the control of our hero is the same as many other games. We have the stick with which we control its movement and a series of buttons on the right to use the weapon, special skills, shield, move quickly and another series that will appear as we are close to some elements of the game.

Battles against 12 other players to win the victory in OVERDOX


Those elements are chests or upgrade hubs To improve our hero. And when we are in full action, we will discover new elements that will help us improve some of our characters' abilities or improve those statistics.

OVERDOX also has several game modes. Apart from the battle royale, we can also enjoy a less stressful game and in which we will only use the fists. And of course, those skills will vary as we acquire them on the battlefield. We have toxic fog, lightning, entanglement and many others that will come with pearls for certain important moments.


We have a good arsenal of different weapons to find one that best suits our style of play. Here we can include sets of special armor that, as in Fortnite and PUBG Mobile, serve to personalize our hero and thus be able to identify ourselves a little differently from others.

Battle Royale that looks good


Now let's hope that Haegin is updating the game, as does Tencent Games with PUBG Mobile, and getting content. Everything it will depend on the success you have and that players join a battle royale in which you can play once or twice with bots, but since you don't meet real people, you will finally stop playing it. And well it shows when they are a bot or a player …