Experience Augmented Reality with Aurasma Lite for iPad on the App Store

Experience Augmented Reality with Aurasma Lite for iPad on the App Store

The Augmented reality It is defined as the direct or indirect vision of the real world, combined with virtual elements, and that is what it fulfills Aurasma Lite for iPad to perfection. The Application has a large database to recognize many images that will be transformed on the screen of your tablet.

Aurasma Lite iPad

Aurasma Lite has well-known names in its database and allows visualizing spectacular animations in logos such as Facebook or Ray-ban; or enjoy this augmented reality in buildings and objects of everyday life. You also get extra content, such as movie trilers, when we bring our iPad to a movie poster. Surprise you as it comes alive.

With this app you can also create your own animations or Auras. Three steps require a photo you take with your iPad camera, an image or animation that you want to view every time you see that photo and save the process with a name. You can also choose the animation from Aurasma's own database or a video / image from your iPad's library.

Aurasma is an app for iPad that allows you to share your Auras forming your own channel, as well as visiting the channels that are shared in your network. Of course, the App has the ability to share on Facebook, Twitter, …, etc.

Here is the video of Aurasma Lite for iPad:

Aurasma Lite is a very fun free App within the App Store that we take advantage of thanks to the large screen of our iPad. If you have a little creativity you can do great Auras, but if not, you can also surprise yourself with the ones on the available channels, which you can also subscribe to.