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Does your laptop overheat? Try a cooling pad

Does your laptop have overheating problems? In that case we recommend that you use a Kootek Chill Mat 5. It is a great cooling pad for laptops that will keep your laptop cool and quiet during long sessions of games or work. There is nothing worse than seeing how your computer stops in the middle of an important project or a game session, even more so when these high temperatures can cause permanent damage to the hardware. To avoid this, these are the best cooling pad you can find today in the market.

You can customize a desktop computer with all kinds of cooling systems, but cooling a laptop is a more complicated task. That's where the cooling pads for laptops come in and we have a list of excellent recommendations, starting with the affordable Kooktek Chill Mat 5. If the Kootek is not to your liking, check out some of the alternatives we propose below.

The best

Kootek Chill Mat 5

cooling pad

Designed for laptops between 12 and 17 inches, this Kootek pad can be used for almost any computer. As you can see from the LED lights, it uses a set of five fans to provide cooling air circulation: the number of fans is not always indicative of the cooling power, but it is usually a sign of the cooling power that you can manage. You can switch between the modes that activate only one fan, four fans or all five if you wish. It also has a dual USB hub to connect additional devices if you wish. We love the two pull-up bars on the front, which will prevent your laptop from sliding, regardless of the six different height options you choose.

The rest

Cooler Master NotePal X3

cooler master notepal x3 720x720 cooling pad

This version of the Cooler Master pad is specifically designed for games. It has a little more weight to be used in laptops for larger games and a large 200 mm fan to expel a constant flow of fast air, in addition, of course, blue LED lights to show off a bit. While the price is a little higher on this model, it is also more durable than many cooling pads. Given that laptop cooling pads tend to deteriorate earlier than people would like, the additional expense for greater durability may be worthwhile for more active users.

On the other hand, it has a front vent so that your hands also receive fresh air, something recommended to keep cool and dry. It also comes with two height settings and a fan speed controller, but has no additional USB port. The pad is made for laptops up to 17 inches.

Tree New Bee cooling pad

This elegant Tree New Bee pad definitely has an interesting shape, but it is the low weight and cudruple fans that impress us. It also has useful functions, such as a built-in dual USB hub, a switch to control the fan speed and adjustable ?non-slip? folding arms to obtain a correct angle.

That said, several users have pointed out that the lightness of this pad makes it difficult to support a 17-inch laptop, which means that heavier laptops can be condemned to a flat position on this pad. The way, while interesting, can also make it a little harder to store in your laptop's case, so be sure to measure before you buy.

Havit HV-F2056

tree new bee cooling pad 720x720 cooling padThis Havit pad is a bit simpler than some of our proposals. It only has three fans and this affects the minimalist and slim design that makes this model especially portable. It is particularly easy to carry it along with your laptop, even in a very tight case.

Support options are a bit limited, but it offers two heights to choose from along with an additional USB port. If you don't mind settling for less fans, this more affordable model may be just what you had in mind. The stand adapts to laptops between 15.6 and 17 inches, but be careful if you use especially heavy laptops.

Opolar LC05 Laptop Cooler

opolar cooling pad lc05 laptop cooler 720x720

You may not care about the height or angle of the laptop (or you already have a stand and don't want to complicate things). In this case, check out the Opolar LC05, which is a fan accessory that connects to the side of your laptop. It dissipates the heat and has a small temperature indicator to monitor how hot things are.

It is specifically designed for laptops with air vents on the sides or back, especially for gaming laptops. It is not recommended for compact sper laptops like MacBooks.

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