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Collect heroes in the RPG called Battle Breakers of Epic Games

Battle Breakers

Epic Games has always been synonymous with quality and It happens the same way with your new Battle Breakers. All a collection of heroes RPG with a cartoon design language and in which we will have huge final bosses and very interesting battles.

If we say synonymous with quality, it is not for Fortnite himself (who is), but becauseand Epic Games has the classic Unreal shooter and the Gears of War saga; and not only this, but he is the creator of the Unreal Engine used by hundreds of games. Let's see what this Battle Breakers is about.

Not everything is Fortnite for Epic Games

Battle breakers

Battle Breakers is a new RPG hero collection developed by a small team from Epic Games. Using that shuttle that is Fortnite itself and its videogame shop, although many free for PC each week, it will be in your hands that this new RPG reaches millions of players worldwide.

Battle breakers

And if you do it with a good level of quality, it sure is already a success. Battle Breakers allows you from the start choose a main character that will level up as happens in hundreds of RPGs. And while there was the possibility that we were in a card game, not at all. We will have all the action we expected, although in a slightly passive way.

We have our team of heroes located at the bottom and a series of pieces that we have to press so that enemies appear and so we look for the key that will allow us to open the door to the next level. All this makes it seasoned with a very striking visual style and that puts us before a game that hooks from the first minute; and well it shows that Epic Games itself is behind it.

More than 1000 dungeons in Battle Breakers

Battle breakers

One of the details to take into account with Battle Breakers is that we will have a multitude of places to visit through those 1,000 dungeons that await us with volcanoes, forests, glaciers and much more. It will be in those dungeons where we will face final bosses and we will need the best possible skills.

Battle breakers

So we are going to have to build a good team of heroes. And go preparing for dozens of heroes that you can collect to form the best possible team. We can almost say that one of the most interesting aspects of this new game of Epic Games are the heroes; and if they are as well designed as these, it will be an experience.

Nor can we forget that we are facing a multiplatform game as can happen to Blizzard's Hearthstone. That is, you can follow the games from your PC or even from your mobile. This allows us to move to different screens and never miss our breakthrough, so it is important to make it stand out.

A multiplatform game of Epic Games

Battle breakers

With all that, Battle Breakers almost forces us to install it on our PC to follow the games on the sofa while we are at home, and give the mobile for when we are out and want to play a game. Now we will see where this new game of Epic Games is going and if it becomes one of its stars like Fortnite, although we think it will be a difficult task.

Technically it is a game more than amazing and in which we highlight the great design of all the heroes, the atmosphere created in the games and the dynamism of them with special effects more than important. To be almost a static game in many places, the games have all the action we could expect from a game of this style. Ten in the technical section.