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Can Samsung pose a danger to Google?


Galaxy vs Android: can Samsung pose a danger to Google?

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February 8, 2013

Samsung vs Google

Samsung It is, today, the manufacturer of devices with operating system Android most popular, a condition he seems to believe in the wake of his direct confrontations with Manzana, the rival platform, at different levels: media, commercial, legal, etc. The South Korean company has managed to lay the foundations to maintain growth that will continue over the next few years, thanks, in large part, to the operating system of Google. However, the brand is becoming increasingly relevant Galaxy and you can do it to the detriment of the brand Android.

Could Galaxy become an equivalent to Android in the future? That is the question asked in Android Authority seeing the growing popularity of the product line of Samsung based on the operating system of Google. The truth, as this medium points out, is that the Korean firm makes less and less reference to the operating system in its campaigns and more and more to its own product independently, to the point that some come to find a basis for the opposition between two elements that should be equivalent.

Ben Evans, for example, titled an article ?Galaxy vs Android in the Superbowl ?and showed the interesting graphical data of Google Trends where it is seen that both concepts are gradually approaching in matters of popularity.

Galaxy vs AndroidIn addition, Android Community has just published a graph showing that 8 of the 10 ten devices Android with greater with greater number of users are Samsung. Only sneak between them the Kindle Fire from Amazon and the Droid Razr from Motorola. However, Koreans at the moment also rely heavily on software Google since its sales of devices with other alternatives with relatively discreet. Tizen It is emerging as an escape route in case of interest or need, but this operating system is still perceived with some skepticism by the public.

Top 10 AndroidFor its part, GoogleIn spite of the doubts that it generates with respect to its capacity to respond in a decent way to the demand, it has a reef in the range Nexus. The incorporation of the next teams of Motorola to its offer it could end up putting the search engine company on the front line as well in terms of hardware. In addition, there are many other powerful manufacturers behind, such as Sony, LG, HTC, Asus or Lenovo and the worst thing that can happen to you as an ecosystem probably does not come from Samsungbut of Amazon, a company that uses its operating system but has created its own parallel universe.