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Buy the mouse with a discount of more than half of its price

Few are laptops or tablets that do not include connectivity Bluetooth. Thanks to it, it is possible to connect different accessories such as wireless mice. If you are behind one that offers great quality and does not cost much, it is now possible to get the Logitech MX Master with a discount that exceeds 50% of its usual price.

This accessory offers everything that can be searched for in such a device, such as being compatible with the most common operating systems (a sample is macOS and Windows). In addition, its quality finish is demonstrated with an ergonomics that touches the perfection and durability of the manufacturing material very high -important this for a product that, in principle, is carried from one side to another-. By the way, its weight is below 200 grams.

Bluetooth mice compatible with computers and tablets that are cheap

When it comes to connectivity, this model is compatible with Bluetooth and, if necessary, you can also use other options such as the included USB cable. Here it should be noted that this Logitech MX Master allows the use of technology 2.4 GHz Unify, so an adapter is provided that allows you to use other accessories of the company itself – such as keyboards – with only one element connected to a computer port. This is an excellent solution with laptops.

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Great autonomous, one of the virtues of Logitech MX Master

This is achieved because the battery that is integrated inside this product is of 500 mAh, which initially ensures up to 70 hours of use without many problems. In addition, its recharge (which is carried out through the use of an integrated USB port) makes it possible for just seven minutes to have enough amperage to spend a full day. Therefore, this model is an excellent travel companion since it is possible to fill your battery with the port of a computer.

Finally, it is important to comment that the resolution that Logitech MX Master offers when renocer movement reached 4,000 dpi, so it is part of the technology called Darkfield. Thanks to it, for example, you can use the mouse we are talking about on all types of surfaces, such as glass where other models do not work properly. In addition, the answer is very fast, so it is a model with which it is even possible to play without much lag.

Use of Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

Buy this mouse with an irresistible offer

Thanks to Amazon Black Friday Week, it is now possible to get the Logitech MX Master with a 54% discount of its usual price, so that the savings is located at 50 euros nothing less. If you are interested in this reason and the aforementioned, we leave the corresponding purchase link below: