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Babuji is busy giving Kejriwal much more than 'Aashirwad' on Twitter

As soon as the announcement was made about the reelections that will take place in Delhi, a great deal of hullaballoo has been generated in social networks.

While there are many supporters of AAP on Twitter, Kejriwal seems to be the lethal force to deal with; There are others who completely mock him for his daily discomfort on the social networking site with new trends every day.

The last person to jump this car is none other than the Babuji of our country; Shri Alok Nath . His Twitter wave has made him the favorite of his country once more, but this time he has not only given 'aashirwad' to give Arvind Kejriwal of AAP.

This is what Babuji had to say about Arvind Kejriwal

Then, people start to react to their tweets.

1. When compared to Manish Sisodia de AAP

Babuji reacts with this impressive response

2. Then, he was warned of the repercussions of his Tweet

Our humble Babuji …

3. Even Dabbangg's characters made their presence felt …

Bringing out Babuji's dramatic side

4. When some serious accusations were made in Babuji …

He made his wit make all the insinuations of speaking in Kejriwal