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A smart notebook to pass notes to the mobile

The Chinese giant is increasingly betting on smart products. The Asian firm has presented more than one Xiaomi gadget, surprising adding to a daily product unique characteristics. We have its complete line of smart lamps, as a clear example of this. But today, the company has taken a step further by presenting a smart notebook.

Yes, we talk about a very traditional product, the typical notebook used to point or draw. So far everything normal, right? But when we tell you that it counts the ability to reproduce everything you write on its pages on your mobile phone, things change a lot.

Xiaomi smart book

The last Xiaomi gadget being the best ally to take notes or draw

A product that surprises by offering a traditional design, but that offers a wide range of possibilities inside to make the most of this new Xiaomi gadget. S, a digital notebook that allows you to significantly improve productivity at work and in your studies. And, what is better: also transcribe to your telephone any drawing you make.

To do this, it has a technology based on electromagnetic resonance. With this, you can digitize absolutely everything you write instantly. Also. It has different modes to give a very different touch to your writings. Yes, you can press on a button to automatically transcribe everything you've done.

Although you can also make me create a video in MP4 format (or even a GIF) with the whole process. To write text is not funny, but if you get your most artistic skills, it is really fun to see how little by little all the strokes you have made will appear. In addition, it is capable of copying to the last detail, so you should not worry about anything.

Xiaomi gadget

In terms of productivity, you will also be able to get the most out of this Xiaomi gadget. More than anything because it is able to understand the text you write and transcribe it directly in PDF format or even to an Office document, so it is ideal for taking notes.

All this framed in a product with very measured dimensions, 153 x 10.3 mm, in addition to a weight of 80 grams, which make it an ideal product to take you anywhere. That is, unfortunately it is a product that will not leave Asian lands, so, especially if you like to draw, it is a product that you will have to find through external suppliers that send this Xiaomi gadget to Spain. That's its price is very tempting: it costs 499 yuan, about 65 euros to change …

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