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a lot of power and low price

Android has recently turned ten years old. At this time we have seen different strategies applied by the brands of this sector, but usually a brand tends to adhere to the position that has given it success.

However, nothing is forever and when a manufacturer feels threatened it is very logical to study changes that help him recover.

This is what Samsung is currently doing, which prepares a new family with a more typical orientation of companies such as Xiaomi or OnePlus: a lot of power at a low price.

Samsung's new Galaxy will be like PocoPhone

This idea sure is familiar to us and that Xiaomi has done the same with its new sub-brand, PocoPhone.

Samsung will create a new category, the Galaxy P, which will be released in the first instance in India, one of the most competitive and juicy markets in the world. Also the futures Galaxy A They will go in this direction, which explains the launch of the Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 with three cameras and that of the future Galaxy A that we will see on October 11.

This will be the Galaxy P30 according to AllAboutSamsung

These renewed families will focus on offering good technical features with a contained price, a strategy that we had not seen in a giant of this size.

A good example will be the Galaxy P30 and P30 Plus whose design we have seen in concepts created by AllAboutSamsung based on the technical data to which they have had access.

Mohandeep Singh, the senior vice president of Samsung India, stressed that in recent years the Galaxy J have sold well in this country, as well as in others, but the time has come to go further. They expect to have higher sales in the future Galaxy A than they have in the Galaxy J.

In Spain also the cheapest family of Samsung is the one that has sold the most but the emergence of brands such as Huawei or Xiaomi has made their sales have been very damaged. It is extremely difficult to compete with Chinese brands in this price range.