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A game that takes us to good times or not?

A platform game, with dyes of RPG and action in abundance. We bring you Ninja Arashi, a game that does not forgive, literally.

Platform games have accompanied us since the beginning of video games. Before the irruption of the shooters, it was possibly the genre par excellence that every console should have.

As generations of consoles have arrived, the platform genre has been undergoing a transformation and not always for the better. Today, thanks to Indie developers and ecosystems such as Android, it is having a new golden age. Will our protagonist live up to it?

Ninja Arashi

Ninja Arashi, an old school game

We are facing a game that meets the classic clichés of the genre, platforms, action, revenge … A formula that we have seen thousands of times in video games, however it still works perfectly.

Having downloaded and installed the game on our device, it does not take up too much considering the storage levels we handle today, we run the application.

Graphically delicious

The first thing we find when executing it is a introduction that helps us get into the story. We are getting an idea that we are facing a proposal that is taken care of to the smallest detail.

The good thing about Ninja Arashi is that it doesn't just stay in the introduction, since we enter the game directly and we can observe that visually everything is well worked.

A 2D design, with side scrolling and full of details that take us to the context of the story that we have to face. Simplicity and minimalism shine at its best, making good use of colors … rather the absence of colors.

Our character and enemies use the color black, something that accentuates the seriousness and significance of the story. The only touches of color will be found in the backgrounds, which make a visually delicious contrast.

A 2D game that is nice to observe for its simplicity and good taste

Sound section at height

You must fear what may fall from above

In mobile device games, this is usually a rather neglected or rather limited section. It is normal to find repetitive music and sounds that all they get is that we look for the settings to turn them off.

Ninja Arashi does good use of the sound environment, background music that does what it has to do in a game … get into the story by making us focus on the game.