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Vodafone One, the all-in-one of Vodafone Spain

Vodafone Spain present Vodafone One, its offer of convergent services of last generation with mobile, fixed, internet and television, which will be available in the market from this April 20.

The new proposal incorporates all the progress of the Vodafone strategy after the acquisition of Ono in March 2014. The offer integrates the experience, reliability and leadership of both companies in ultra-fast broadband networks, both in fiber and 4G.

Vodafone One is characterized by its flexibility and allows customers to configure their services according to their specific needs. In this way, the customer can choose between:

Four fiber speeds: 200, 120, 60 and 30 Mbps real at home, which also includes flat rate from home phone to national landlines and 60 minutes per month to mobile of any national operator.

Different voice and data volumes in mobile phone: from 200 minutes of voice to unlimited minutes. And data packages ranging from 1GB to 4GB / month.

TV services both for fiber networks and for VDSL.

Flexibility is also present when configuring the use of the service between the different members of the family or the microenterprise, since Vodafone One includes second lines (+ Lines) and the possibility of sharing data (+ Shared Lines).

Internet: the network extends to Asturias, Extremadura, Galicia and Pas Vasco

All Vodafone fiber services are called Fibra Ono. More than 8.3 million real estate units already have access to it, and at the end of April the first real estate units will be available in the Principality of Asturias (Gijn and Oviedo) and in Extremadura (Badajoz, Cceres and Mrida). Also, throughout the current fiscal year the coverage will also be extended to the Basque Country (Bilbao and metropolitan area, Irn, Vitoria and San Sebastin) and will be extended in Galicia (La Corua, Ferrol, Orense, Santiago de Compostela, Pontevedra and Vigo ). In all options, the installation of the fiber (including the router) is free and has the permanent advice of the experts of Fibra Ono.

The Ono fiber network is characterized by its high levels of quality and customer satisfaction. Ono is the leader in the main parameters that measure the quality of service such as the average fiber service delivery time or the average time without incident per customer. Customers who cannot access fiber services have available the Vodafone ADSL network that has VDSL technology at speeds up to 30Mbps.

Vodafone WiFi

Customers of convergent packages can access Vodafone WiFi at no additional cost, which allows you to enjoy free WiFi connection in more than 1 million access points in Spain and 14 million in the world thanks to the agreement of the Vodafone Group with Fon. Includes 5 GB / month per line and 30 minutes per day of connection outside of Spain.

To access Vodafone WiFi, Customers can register at or activate it through the Vodafone WiFi app available for Android / IOS, which allows you to view coverage and manage connections.

Mobile phone services

Vodafone One incorporates all the benefits of the last generation mobile network of Vodafone. Vodafone Spain has the fastest 4G network in the world, according to independent studies. In addition, 4G + (LTE-A) that doubles the data download speed to reach 300Mbps, is already present in 41 provinces in addition to those cities where it was already available: Madrid, Barcelona, ??Valencia, Seville, Bilbao, Mlaga , Zaragoza and La Corua. On the other hand, Vodafone has activated HD Voice services, which improve the quality of calls, in 100% of its 3G and 4G network.


Vodafone One can be completed with Vodafone TV for fiber or with Vodafone Box for VDSL networks. Ono smart TV, developed on TiVo, changes its interface to make it more attractive and is presented today as Vodafone TV, which includes the most advanced features of the audiovisual market in Spain:

  • Platform with the widest offer on the market in high quality HD channels, 52.
  • Intelligent recording system that allows you to create a customized TV schedule.
  • Vodafone TV allows you to pause and rewind live television, record 3 channels at once, receive personalized recommendations, use Internet applications such as YouTube and, in addition, learn from the specific tastes of the Client.

The video on demand service, Videoclub, includes the best selection of films and premiere movies, full seasons of the most popular series, children's content, documentaries, etc. In total, Videoclub offers more than 3,000 content of all genres, 80% free.