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This Sunday 24 to be very easy to find Team GO Rocket

This Sunday 24 will be very easy to find Team GO Rocket

Did you think they had already given up? Well, it seems that no, because Niantic has announced that Team Go Rocket return this Sunday, November 24, 2019, so be alert to look for them in the pokeparadas and beat them. We recommend you check our best Pokmon guide to fight Team GO Rocket to make it much easier to beat them.

This little event have several missions, but be available only from 11:00 am to 01:00 pm local time. Therefore, be aware of all the details that you must comply with.

Team Go Rocket be in the pokeparadas on Sunday November 24, 2019

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Team Go Rocket recruits will be in almost every game in the game, so Professor Willow has designed several Exclusive field research tasks to help us gather more information about Team GO Rocket.

Because, in this event we will have to:

  • Fight Team GO Rocket Recruits.
  • Collect mysterious components.
  • Manufacture Rocket Radars.
  • Defeat the leaders of Team GO Rocket.

Remember that the more times you do this, the better. In addition, after manufacturing the First Rocket radar, you can buy more of these in the store. It is important that you do it quickly, because you only have two hours to complete all the tasks assigned to you.

Keep in mind that after completing the special investigation tasks "Lurking in the shadows", you can face directly against Giovanni, the leader of Team GO Rocket.

Don't forget that when faced with Team GO Rocket You can capture and purify your Pokmon, so we recommend you review this guide on how to purify the Pokmon from Team Go Rocket in Pokmon Go easily.

From Androidphoria we hope you can beat the largest number of Team GO Rocket recruits. We are even sure that if you follow our advice you can also defeat Giovanni. Do all the exclusive field research tasks, as incredible rewards await you.

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