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This is the 5G download speed of the Huawei Mate X filtered in a capture

Huawei Mate X

Only a few hours ago, Zhang Ping, president of Huawei's enterprise consumer cloud service, used the Mate X to test 5G speed in Wuzhen, China. The screenshot you leaked shows that The download speed of Mate X is close to 750 MB / s.

Recall that the Mate X is the first smartphone with 5G folding screen from Huawei. In turn, it is the first mobile with dual 5G mode in the industry that supports NSA and SA. More importantly, it supports dual dual standby SIM card and is compatible with worldwide 5G and 4G network standards.

To keep in mind, the Mate X features a folding ?eagle wing? design (named after many) with a four-layer structure: the top layer is a polymer screen protector, the second layer is a flexible screen and The third layer is a soft bottom support sheet. The first layer is the shaft. As a precision transmission component, the axis is the core of the device and is of central importance.

Huawei Mate X download speed

5G download speed test of the Huawei Mate X folding smartphone

The official emphasizes that This high-performance terminal maintains a fully symmetrical full screen form, either in the folded or unfolded state, thanks to the design of the hinge part cover. In addition, it supports split-screen navigation and multitasking, which allows users to open different applications on the left and right sides of the screen to operate different tasks simultaneously.

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Finally, as for its launch in the market definitively, It is reported that Mate X will be officially announced later this month and it is worth waiting for.

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