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These are the 20 best Indie games of the year according to Google

Google has made public the 20 finalists who will dispute the leadership for being the best indie game.

Google usually does different events dedicated to existing applications or games on Google Play. This year was not going to be less, since the game genre indie will come to life more than ever in the Google Play Festival of Indie Games to be held in San Francisco, United States next month. Google wants to reward the talent of developers who have made possible such works and this will be decided very soon.

And the Great G has already selected at 20 finalists that the title will be played for the best indie game on Google Play, so that all its developers will meet at the event and attendees can try them first hand. It is remarkable and curious that there are games among the finalists that have not been released, hoping to be great releases in the Android app store.

These are the 20 finalists to be the best Indie game

The 20 finalists of the indie game festival of the Google Play in San Francisco are announced

As we mentioned, there are titles in the list that have not even been released, so to test them we will have to wait for them to be published in the Google Play Store. An open registry has also been opened so that users can try the games and vote for them on the voting lists. Of course, it seems that Google has not had it too easy when choosing its candidates. These are:

The 20 finalists of the indie game festival of the Google Play in San Francisco are announced

Celebrities in the world of video games and various will also attend this event YouTube personalities, like the comedian and youtuber runJDrun. The variety of games listed indicates that the battle will be at odds, so that it will be the Great G and the users of the Google Play who raise the winner to glory. Let's stick with the important thing: this tribute to the indie genre will be up of expectations