The six Adobe applications for designers and creatives: Photoshop for Tablets

The six Adobe applications for designers and creatives: Photoshop for Tablets

Adobe is premiering, apart from introducing the new versions of Flash and Air, now wants to surprise us with their Professional tools for tablets. Until now Adobe's tool for image editing was its PhotoShop Express, one of the worst in the android market, so it was like a bad joke that the company of the prestigious photoshop did not present anything really competent, and today, finally, it seems that they have achieved by presenting a series of Honeycomb applications.

The real Photoshop for Android is this, without a doubt…

All part of a central application called Adobe Touch, which includes six other tools attached. The interface is full screen and tries to mimic the palette of tools we have in desktop Photoshop, moreover, many of the tools work the same, something on the other hand obvious, although making small variations, because it is not the same to handle the edition with a mouse than with the fingers (although then we can use a pointer on our tablet)

Of course, all this has a price, which in my opinion is not too expensive considering the price of desktop Photoshop (the non-pirated: P) and taking into account that the quality and support will be exquisite. But you have to take advantage, I do not think it is an application that everyone can monetize. It's $ 9.99 (for each application) and is already available in the Android Market, along with its versions on iOS. The whole system works with the saved in Adobe cloud, so we will not have to worry about exporting and importing the designs, touch-ups and drawings that we make.

The six applications that include what is presented by Adobe are:

  • Adobe Photoshop Touch: Transformation and editing of images like Photoshop, but adapted for tablets
  • Adobe Proto: To create interactive templates, web designs and mobile app designs
  • Adobe ideas: Easily design using vectors, layers and color themes
  • Adobe Debut: For presentations of Creative Suite designs from our tablet comfortably
  • Adobe collage: To write ideas, concepts and designs, using images, texts and notes
  • Adobe Kuller: Create, explore, download and share color themes that can inspire any design project

The integration and communication with PC services and the good finishing and adaptation to tablets, will make this suite an almost certain success in your sector, or at least that is what some designers have told me when they see it. Photoshop could not be left out of the transition from PC to Teblts, or more than transition, in the merger, everything depends on where you are, you use PC or tablet / smartphone, making the separation between them, less and less abrupt.

Now I want to know what you think …

The small presentation video is impressive and will make many members and users of specialized tablets like Wacom wriggle in pain

You have more videos on Adobe TV (I notice that the more you see, the more you will like it)

More information in Adobe

Download the complete suite from the Android Market